Argentine artist, born in 1986. Based in Rome, Italy. His productions and developments cross the auditory field with visual supports. The installations and live performances combine sound and visual design. Through the development of digital and electronic instruments, he achieves immersive and synesthetic spaces. Audiovisual producer and developer. Addresses languages and perspectives, existential topics with various technologies.
The development of digital tools facilitate the production of work. Aimed at audiovisual generative composition, the devices are available on this site. The simple and essential ones are free to download and are delivered in workshops and classes. .
Live AV
- Cancel & Reset, Live Cinema Festival, Casa dell'Architettura, Roma, 2020
- Breaking, Festival Emergente, Usina del Arte, BA, 2019
- Comunicación Ilimitada, FASE, Centro Cultural Recoleta, BA, 2017
- Comunicación Ilimitada, Tempest, Bombay, BA, 2017
- AV Set, Tempest, Bombay, BA, 2016
- T Ξ Π P O, Universidad Nacional de San Martin, BA, 2018
- E C H O, MiniFest-Poeticas Digitales, UP, Facultad de Diseño y Comunicación, BA, 2018
- T3x2r, Ableton Users Buenos Aires, Arjaus, BA, 2018
- Tu Plugin-Desarrollo de dispositivos para Ableton Live, Clip, Insound, BA, 2018
- Performance AV, Espacio Pla, BA, 2018
- Visuals For Live, Ableton Users Buenos Aires, Arjaus, BA, 2018
- Comunicación Ilimitada, Argenlive, BA, 2017
Grupal Exhibitions
- Live Visuals for Live Jam, DigiLab, Mutek Ar, CCK, BA, 2018
- Live Jam, DigiLab, Mutek Ar, CCK, BA, 2017
- Visuals for Live sets, Argenlive, BA, 2016